Furniture and Appliances

Claire MillerClaire Miller is an angel who has taken on the RBI furniture and appliance ministry in Redford and Brightmoor. She and her assistants pick up furniture and appliances from donors and deliver them to people they know have an immediate need.

Claire has received many hugs of joy from people grateful to receive a bed, a table and chairs, a stove, a refrigerator or something else they need for their home. To show his appreciation, one shopper brought a peach cobbler to share with the other shoppers the week after he received his stove.

Claire and her team have picked up literally hundreds and hundreds of items, some from as close as a block from the Redford campus but some as far away as Birmingham, Westland, Lansing, and even Traverse City! They collect stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, beds/mattresses/springs/frames, table and chair sets, any kind of living room furniture, lamps, desks, …  everything imaginable that could be useful to those in Redford and Brightmoor. And when Claire learns of a need outside these neighborhoods, she can often help.